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bad urach . 2O18

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 wilkommen in bad urach... hustle and bustle since 1O25!

 wirsthaus laurentia, lovely and delicious outside...

 and inside.

 the building is from 1479, and has been a pharmacy since at least 1602

zeughausturm, ad 152O

 rathaus and town center


 st. amandus, reformation era 15O1

 antje babendererde in the bad urach bookstore!

 see you next time!

lindau . bodensee . wasserburg

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 lindau harbor entrance . lighthouse and bavarian lion

 mangturm tower . 12th century . rapunzel's braid

 train station

 old rathaus . built 1422-1436

 taste of america . delicious burger with fries

 bodensee . a sailor's lake . shores of germany, austria and switzerland

 wasserburg . bodensee

 the boneyard